Sizable Tomatoes

This page will focus on tomatoes on both scales of size, proving how
different they each are and how much of a variety it provides

Beefsteak Tomato:

Weighing at around 14 to 24 oz that grow on plants that grow to the size of 8 feet, these tomatoes are a mouthful.
These tomatoes are grown for their flavor an size;
And unlike Early girls, one slice will be enough to fit an entire sandwich.
With a long growing season, it is a favorite among gardeners in the Northeast.
Beefsteak tometoes are resistant to wilt and nematodes.

Cherry Tomatoes:

being roughly an inch long each with it's plant size at about 3 to 4 feet tall, Cherry tomatoes are a best seller.
They're used mostly in salads, or they can also just be snacked on.
Some people put "Husky" cherry tomato plants in their home garden because it's stout, dark green, and pretty.
They are grown and harvested in clusters, making it easy to store an sell due to its compactness.