Colorful Tomatoes

This page will be focusing on tomatoes that are odd in color and shape

Hillbilly Tomatoes:

Weighing about 1 to 2 pounds, the hillbilly tomato is very unconventional.
Being a bi-color heirloom, it has a yellow color with red marbling, making it very distict.
This tomato is very large with a rich, sweet flavor; It does, however, have a very low yield,
but is still believed to be a west virginian heirloom.

Green Zebra Tomatoes:

being about two inches in diameter and 3 oz heavy, the Green Zebra Tomato is very stricking
in color and is harldy recognized as a tomato at first glance. This tomato has a chartreuse color with lime-green stripes,
and the inside is bright green. It has a rich, sweet, and sharp taste to it,
and is a favorite among high-class chefs. they have a large yeild, and stand out against other tomatoes.