The Different Types Of Tomatoes

Although there is a large variety of many different tomatoes, the ones that will be covered is chosen based on popularity, unique taste, or color.
in each section every tomato will be defined, with where it grows, it's physical attributes, and and the culture of how it's used.
On this page, We will focus on the most popular and recognizable tomatoes in the world.

Better Boy Tomatoes:

Weighing at about 16 oz each and with a plant size at 5 to 8 feet,
the Better Boy Tomato is the most popular Tomato in the U.S.
They are thought to be the standard tomato.
It has high yields of smotth skinned, large fruit.
It is noted for its superior flavor, giving off the classic tomato taste.

Early Girl Tomatoes:

Weighing at aboout 6 to 7 oz each, Early Girl Tomatoes are well rounded and versitile.
They can be eaten whole, or sliced onto a salad or sandwich.
This versitility makes it one of the most popular tomatoes in the world.
These tomatoes bear lots of fruit for an very early harvest after just 50 days, giving it it's name.
Many gardeners plant Earlt girls again late in the summer to produce
large amounts of "fall tomatoes" quickly before frost comes.